Base-Hinged (Hydraulic)

Base hinged, hydraulic poles offer easy lowering for large loads and low maintenance.


Base-hinged poles are a practical maintenance solution for projects where:

  • the location of the pole makes it impractical to use an elevated work platform or
  • the loading or size of the pole exceeds the capacity of alternate lowering systems (e.g. mid-hinged poles) or
  • the project location has frequent high winds which limit the opportunity to perform maintenance

Depending on the size of the pole, it may have either a permanently mounted ram or have a removable ram/s which is used to operate multiple poles individually on a site. These poles can be used in a variety of scenarios including mine sites, airports, sports fields, cargo shipping yards and rail yards. Standard pole heights are 20.0m – 50.0m depending on customer’s requirements. Every product supplied by GM Poles is designed and certified by an Australian Registered Engineer.

GM Poles also offers:

  • Foundation Cages/Bolts
  • Engineer certified foundation design
  • Soil Testing
  • Installation of footing
  • Erection of pole