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GM Poles offers a full range of steel poles from 2m to over 50m to support the electrical industry. We offer various methods of accessing the fittings at the top of our poles within our standard range as well as a large, in-house design team for custom jobs.

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GM Poles offers a full range of services to compliment our products, from soil testing through to a certified installation.

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We are proud to have been involved in some of the largest and most exciting lighting projects in Australia over the last 20 years.

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GM Poles is the industry leader in Innovation, Quality and Service.
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From major sports fields and large commercial projects to single residential property poles, GM Poles can help.

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By Purpose

Our products are designed to support lights and other electrical equipment in a variety of environments:

  • Traffic moving safely
  • Work continuing after dark
  • Telecasting sports to homes around the world
  • Increasing security in public spaces
  • Enhancing the beauty of a space
  • What can we do for you?

By Type

We have a complete range of steel poles to support the electrical industry including small decorative poles through to large stadium lighting. Choose from our standard range or work with us to design something unique.

Our Services

We are not just a supplier of quality poles…

Creative Design

Get what you want, Designed & Certified.

We believe that structures should fulfill their purpose with efficiency and beauty.

Our well-trained and experienced Sales Team, backed by engineers and an industrial designer are the best people to discuss your requirements with. We have an ever growing and improving range of standard products that can be utilised to meet most projects requirements. Often though, the most elegant solution is one that considers the specific requirements, draws on the experience of the past and creates something unique.

Fully Managed Installation

Qualified, Certified and Guaranteed installation.

We supply the best product… but that is only half the story.

For our products to fulfill their purpose they must have a well constructed footing and be erected safely. Many of our customers choose to use our licensed builder and riggers as an economical way to ensure that their job

  • is completed safely
  • in the time frame expected
  • without any surprise costs and
  • to the highest level of quality

Custom Engineering

Experienced & Practical Engineering.

You deserve to have confidence in the structures around you.

Our Engineering Team has the qualifications and experience to design and certify custom solutions for unique poles and footings. These solutions are the product of us pooling our in-house resources of:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Structural Steel Erection

Completed Projects

Have a look at some of the projects we are proud to have been involved with!

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for important information to consider before specifying or purchasing steel poles

I need a pole. Where do I start?

Poles are available in different heights but also different structural strengths. We determine what pole to supply starting with what is going on the pole. 
If you are mounting a light(s), your local electrical wholesaler is your best starting point. We will need to know the brand and model of light to work out the weight and sail area. Also, lights are designed to be mounted at particular heights to achieve the right levels on the ground.  
The same general rules apply for the mounting of cameras, antennas etc. 

What information do I need to provide when requesting a quote?

Poles are designed to suit location specific wind conditions. The weight and sail area (dimensions) of everything going on the pole is also critical to calculating which pole will be structurally suitable.

Out trained Sales staff will require all of the following information in order to provide you a quote.

  • Project Name
  • Project location – (Used to determine the wind region and terrain category.)
  • Height of poles
  • Quantity required
  • What is going on the pole – (Brand, model, dimension and weight are essential. Please also provide data sheets.)
  • Are Outreaches required? – (Curved / Angled? Length required?)
  • Painted or Galvanised finish?

It is important that all criteria is considered by our Sales staff to ensure that the structures are safe and can be certified by an engineer.

GM Poles provides complimentary engineering certification for every product that we sell.

How long will galvanised poles last?

Our steel poles are Hot Dip Galvanised to AS/NZS 4680 providing one of the most durable and maintenance free coatings available. The Galvanising Association of Australia provides estimated coating life of between 20 and 100 years depending on the corrosive environment. GM Poles warrants that our poles, if used for the purpose intended and installed in accordance with our standard procedures, will continue to perform satisfactorily for a minimum of 10 years under normal operating conditions. Hydraulic, electric and moving parts are guaranteed for a minimum period of 12 months from date of delivery. These time frames will be reduced for extremely corrosive environments (such as locations experiencing salt water spray) depending on severity.

What painting system would suit my project?
For an architectural finish, GM Poles offers a range of paint and powder coated finishes. We are happy to discuss project specific paint systems with you, alternatively we offer the following standard finishes:


  • Dual-coat powder system provides good durability in most environments and is guaranteed for adhesion and colour in non-coastal ans non-industrial locations for 2 years
  • Triple-coat powder system provides very good durability in most environments and is guaranteed for adhesion and colour in non-coastal and non-industrial locations for 5 years
  • Standard colour, dual-coat marine paint system provides very good durability in most environments and is guaranteed for adhesion & colour in coastal locations for 7 years
  • Metallic colour, triple-coat marine paint system provides very good durability in most environments and is guaranteed for adhesion and colour in coastal & industrial locations for 7 years
What do I need to install a pole?
Normally installation of poles requires a licensed builder for the footings and a rigger or dogman for the pole erection. It is critical that the person performing the work understands the risks involved. Contact us for installation advice or a quote.
What certification do councils require?
The following certification is typically required by councils for poles over 10m high:

  • Design certification for footings
  • Inspection certification for footings
  • Design certification for pole
  • Inspection certification for pole

Check with your local council to see what building and/or planning approvals may be required for your proposed installation. They will also be able to advise you on what engineering certification and inspections are required.

What criteria is used to design poles?

Poles are designed to suit the location specific wind conditions as specified in the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Wind Code (AS/NZS 1170.2:2021). The most important criteria are:

  • Importance Level: this addresses the consequence of failure of a structure, having regard for economic loss and/or loss of life.
  • Wind Region, e.g. cyclonic, non-cyclonic: Australia is divided into four key regions, namely A, B, C & D.
  • Terrain: structures and vegetation in the immediate vicinity (typically up to 2km radius) of the project location need to be considered when calculating the wind loading on a structure.
  • Topography: the local topography (i.e. steep slopes, cliffs, etc.) can have a significant impact on the wind loading of a structure.

It is important that all criteria is considered by trained Sales staff to ensure that the structures can be certified by an engineer. GM Poles provides complimentary engineering certification for every product that we sell.

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