Light Horse Interchange M7

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The Light Horse Interchange is the intersection between the M7 and the M4 in Sydney’s West. It is the largest interchange in the Southern Hemisphere and has Australia’s first complete four level stack interchange.

The interchange is built on the site of the training ground for the Brigades of the Australia Light Horse Men who served on the battle fields of World War I.

The centre piece of the interchange and the Australian Light Horse Sculpture Parade is a GM Poles 57.0m high tapered multi-faceted pole painted red, the colour of the Flanders poppy and the blood spilled. On top of the pole is a series of reflective, stainless steel plates forming a crown – symbolising a torch in the dark. The sculpture was designed by the architectural firm Conybeare Morrison.

GM Poles is very proud to be involved in producing and installing this piece of magnificent artwork and history.

Key project elements

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