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Quality Certification

GM Poles maintains a management system independently audited and certified.

Painted Pole Care and Maintenance

Maintaining a high quality paint finish on your pole is just like caring for your car.

Standard Warranty

GM Poles offers warranty on all of its products for a range of applications.

Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions for purchasing from GM Poles

General Maintenance Instructions

Instructions for maintaining you valued assets

Major Sports

Poles for lighting stadiums for television and elite competition.

Mining & Industrial

Innovative and sustainable solutions for mines & various industrial areas.

Parallel Poles

Non-tapered poles including circular and square section.

Sports Lighting

Poles for lighting sporting ovals & larger venues.

Path Lighting

Poles for lighting walkways and paths

Parallel Poles

Available in two profiles, square & circular

Lowering Poles

Poles designed to lower the headframe to the ground to provide easy and safe access for maintenance.

Security & Surveillance

Poles for lighting sporting ovals & larger venues.

Tapered Poles

Tapered poles to suit a wide range of projects.

Area Lighting

Poles for lighting parks and various locations.

Something missing?

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