Square Poles

Square poles or SHS Poles are a simple and versatile style pole.


Square SHS lighting poles are a practical but decorative base plate mounted pole. This style of pole is well suited to lights which mount directly to the face of a pole but the poles can be made with spigots and /or removable headframes to suit any style of mounting requirement. Poles are hot dip galvanized after fabrication and can be powder coated or painted in the colour you require. These can be used in a variety of scenarios including carparks, pathways, parks, and schools. Note importantly that internal space for mounting electrical terminations and circuit breakers is more limited than for comparable height tapered poles. Standard pole heights are 3.0m – 12.0m depending on customer’s requirements. Every product supplied by GM Poles is designed and certified by an Australian Registered Engineer.

GM Poles also offers:

  • Foundation Cages/Bolts
  • Engineer certified foundation design
  • Soil Testing
  • Installation of footing
  • Erection of pole